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1-2-3 Rep Workout

1-2-3 rep workout

If you are finding your strength is not increasing and you are stuck in a training plateau that seems no way out of, then you need to try the 1-2-3 Rep workout. When it comes to increasing your own strength it is a lot simpler than trying to work out your taxes, space travel, or women. Getting stronger can be as simple as 123.

Strength coaches have been using the 1-2-3 rep workout for years. It starts with doing 1 rep, then 2 reps and rest, then 3 reps and rest, but you start this program specifically concentrating on your form and NOT the weight you're lifting. It's designed to maximize your training effect while it's minimizing any severe wear and tear.

To complete the simple 1-2-3 rep workout simply follow the easy to understand steps below.

1. Select a lift from the different movements listed below. The exercises listed are all based on four human body-movement patterns; the pull, the push, the squat, and the hinge.


Bench press

Military press

Back squat

Front squat


2. Select a load which you can do 5 repetitions with using one of the movements listed above. The 5RM you select should be around 80% of your 1RM (one-rep max). If you can easily do 5 pull-ups, then you should add a D/B to a weight-belt or use a weight vest to get to your own 5RM on pull-ups.

The 5RM weight you select needs to be light and rather easy for you, using perfect technique because the objective is to slowly increase the weight on each workout, but never maxing out to failure.

3. Perform your first rep, and then rest. Then do 2 reps without stopping, using the same weight, rest if needed. Your final set is 3 reps in a row. Don't chance fatigue, you need to fully recover after each set, nothing wrong with taking long breaks to completely recuperate.

4. After completing the 1-2-3 workout you then train completely normal training that you would do for that day. You would then select one of the movements above and do the 1-2-3 workout ONLY twice a week, by simply adding it onto your existing training program.

5. This 1-2-3 method can then change its movement done twice a week after doing the program for 4 to 6 weeks.

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