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DHEA Bodybuilding Benefits

DHEA Supplement

DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone, of all your androgenic hormones you got in your body DHEA is shown to be the most abundant in your body. It is manufactured continually in your adrenal glands by using the cholestrol which it gets from an adrenocorticotrophic hormone that is in your pituitary gland.

DHEA is now identified as fundamentally important to manufacture all thye important steroid hormones your body needs. Men get around 50% of their testosterone they need every day directly from DHEA. Our bodies naturally contain high levels of DHEA that starts from birth and starts slowing down after 21 years old.

When we are around 75 our DHEA plasma levels are going to be about 80% lower than our 20's were. DHEA is a difinitive precursor to all steroid hormones, and is now aggresively promoted as a strength and muscle building, fat burning, supplement.

DHEA is now marketed to people over 35 years because most people know that increasing your anabolic hormone levels will enhance strength and muscle and fat-loss. An important factor that determines how much lean body mass we can hold is our daily testosterone levels, low testosterone levels are always going to compromise your results in many ways.

Building strength and muscle size gets increasingly more difficult the older we get. DHEA is said to have a positive effect on your immunity, memory loss, blood sugar levels, and heart function.

The many studies that have been done on DHEA's effects on our bodies composition.

Below are some examples...

Study #1: Men and women given 50mg DHEA before bed-time over a 4-month period. There were more strength and muscle mass gained in the group taking DHEA than those taking the placebo.

Study #2: Participants were given 50mg DHEA daily over 6-months showed less stomach fat and much better insulin function compared to the placebo group.

The bottom line is that people below 35 years old and below will NOT experience any changes because natural DHEA levels will already be high at that age and you'll unlikely benefit.

If you're over 35 and decide to try, common dosages range between 25-100mg daily.

Note: DHEA is just one of the ingredients in our Andro Shock Testosterone Booster.

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