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How NOT to Build Big Arms

 build big arms

We are going to be covering 7 reasons how and why you're NOT building bigger arms from your training.

FIRST reason you're not building your arms:

Most people who want to build up their arms will focus far too much on biceps. Your biceps are only 1/3 of your upper arms overall size. The other 2/3 of your arm size belongs to your triceps. Anyone with good looking arms will have big triceps. You need to make sure that you always spend the same attention, or more working on your triceps to your build your arms up.

SECOND reason you're not building your arms:

Good technique when your lifting is vitally important. When training your biceps always make sure that you can feel the pump, so that you can actually feel your biceps work to their maximum. You need to always stay focused by looking directly at your biceps when doing a movement like biceps curls.

If you're not feeling that your biceps are working, you need to pay closer attention to the form you're using. You could be using far too much momentum, swinging your upper-body doing your curls and moving both your elbows forward is BAD form.

THIRD reason you're not building your arms:

Your arms will stop growing in size when you either train too much or you don't train enough. Some bodybuilders will tell you that you need to train every body part just once a week, while others will say that you need to train the same body-part 2 or 3 times every week.

Everyone is different but a rule that has now been conclusively proven by sports science is that you need to cycle your training every 6 to 8 weeks. This simply means that even if you're committed to training each body-part only once a week, you should change it up every 6 to 8 weeks by doing twice or even three times a week.

FOUTH reason you're not building your arms:

You have to mix it up. Whether you try supersets working the same muscles, or you try something like drop sets or you try doing single reps using a heavy weight only taking a 45 to 60 seconds rest between sets. Changing your routine is vitally important every 4 to 6 weeks. You need to be constantly keeping your muscles guessing and mixing it up every 4 to 6 weeks, to keep your muscles from reaching a training plateau.

FIFTH reason you're not building your arms:

Your forearms need to be trained as well because they'll increase the look of size to your arms. The wrist curl using either cable or dumbbells will target your forearms. Adding a few sets into your routine by doing hammer curls will target the brachioradialis muscle which is an important part of your forearms.

SIXTH reason you're not building your arms:

Muscles need good nutrition in order to grow. Without the correct amount of protein, carbohydrates (both complex and simple) and a good source of fat, you will NOT make any of your muscles grow. We all need different amounts of protein. The accepted guide line is to consume between 0.8 gram to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. That means a 175lb man will need 140 grams to 263 grams of protein daily.

Carbohydrates are vitally important, without carbs, you'll not get energy to try and lift heavy. Always focus on taking in whole grains like, whole wheat pasta and brown rice, or oatmeal. And pile on those vegetables, simple carbs are best, except immediately after your workout when replenishing the glycogen lost in your muscles is a priority.

SEVENTH reason you're not building your arms:

If you want to grow big muscles, you going to need to stretch. Stretching your muscles between sets is important. When you finish with a set, your muscles should be filled with blood. This blood is transporting important nutrients directly to your muscles, this is crucial when building muscle. Doing a muscle stretch between sets will increase the blood flowing, and deliver more nutrients to your muscles. Stretching will help your muscles grow.

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