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Bodybuilding Supplements and Health

Are Bodybuilding Supplements Healthy

Bodybuilding supplements probably form a large part of the $40 billion a year supplement industry in the USA. Obviously millions of people across the globe take supplements on a regular basis.

Users taking these bodybuilding supplements will take them before, after and during training to enhance their performance and to improve muscle recovery.

Protein contains amino acids; these are the building blocks required for any muscle growth to happen. From protein powders, in the form of capsules, shakes, and chocolate bars, are becoming increasingly popular as muscle-building supplements. All these supplements are legally available over the counter or online that will help to promote muscle growth, helping your metabolism (improving weight loss), boost your energy, help you reach your peak physical performance, and help to fight the inevitable ageing process.

But not all supplements are healthy, there has been a small number of reported problems and a few deaths from taking supplements for fitness and weight-loss, like the DNP drugs

2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP) is sold illegally and has been declared not fit for any human consumption in any form by an industrial chemical engineer. It causes serious side effects and is very toxic, has so far only been proven to be the direct cause of 3 deaths in America.

New research is constantly being done on new supplements available.

It should be noted that any bodybuilding products sold online from a website that suppliers from outside of Europe or the UK may not pass certain safety standards accepted within Europe.

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