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Larry Scott Hyper Growth Protein Review

Hyper Growth Protein

Although we could not get hold of any independent studies done on the performance of Larry Scott's Hype Growth Protein Powder currently being sold online, we can report on a few unique additives that come with this innovative protein powder.

It contains both IGF-1 and IGF-2, which are 70 different amino acids put together in a single chain, creating a hormone that is very similar in its molecular structure to how insulin is constructed. IGF-1 and 2 are the key role players in childhood growth but research now confirms that these anabolic effects will continue into adulthood.

It seems that when you take this Larry Scott Hyper Growth it gives you a permanent pump, even if you're not training. Because of the addition of this IGF-1 and IGF-2, the same hormone that can double a baby's bodyweight in just a few months. These peptides increase your ability to hypertrophy muscles when training.

A newborn mother's milk in the first 3 months it is FULL of colostrum, containing this these very powerful "Insulin-Like Growth Factors," called IGF1 and IGF2, that can sometimes triple a baby's bodyweight in the first 3 months. It does this by speeding up the rate that amino acids get synthesized.

In other words, they'll slow down the rate at which amino acids are destroyed. But these ingenious little peptides take it a step farther by protein-sparing so that fewer amino-acids will be needed to complete the same job, resulting in some incredible muscle growth.

The argument that explains how these important, steroid-like, peptides actually get absorbed by your small intestine seems to make sense. Apparently it works 8 times better than anabolic steroids, but a reasonable question would be "why doesn't plain old Jersey cow milk do the same thing?"

Science has identified something the decided to call "Old Bessy" which is a product found in cow's milk for a few months after birth which has shown to cause IGF factors to start dwindling down to almost nothing. The IGF peptide is extremely fragile and easily destroyed by your stomach acid.

In order to get absorbed in the small intestine these IGF's first need to go through the large intestine, which means they need to be shielded. After many years of extensive scientific research sports science discovered the best way to protect and bring back the power of these vitally important growth factors is in a digestible powder form. Hyper Growth will often work when all the other weight-gainer proteins will not.

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