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Saw Palmetto Bodybuilding Benefits

Saw Palmetto Supplement

Saw palmetto has a few very impressive health benefits that include an ability to help stimulate sexual activity, protect from prostrate cancer, reduce impotence, improve kidney function, boost muscle mass and increase your nutrient uptake efficiency, strengthen hair, treat all urinary tract conditions, and even improve your immune system.

Saw palmetto is aactually a fan palm native to the southeast and east Gluf coastr of North America. The scientific is Serenoa repens, and it has unique characteristics. It is extremely hardy and some saw palmetto plants have been recorded living over 700 years.

The maximum height below 10 feet, they tend grow in big bunches, typically near the roots of other trees. This unique composition of some of its organic compounds make it very effective in treating many diverse health conditions in capsule, tablet or tincture form.

They have a high concentration of fatty acids and sterols in the saw palmetto extract, which is where the valueble health benefits will come from. These powerful compounds can complicate many chemical pathways of various medications, so be careful and check with your doctor about starting treatment with this herbal supplement.

Impotence: Men seem to get more benefit from Saw Paletto than women, because it has been used as a primary treatment for impotence for a long time. Although the exact pathways saw palmetto takes to achieve this in terms are still somewhat unclear, but research is piling up showing it can boost sexual performance, increase virility and increase libido.

Aphrodisiac: This is where saw paletto has the same effect on both men and women. Although evidence suggests that the hormonal impact saw palmetto has on the testosterone pathways, have still not been conclusively determined, women get more pep when intimate taking palmetto supplementation.

Kidney Concerns: Our urinary organs weaken asn we age, and incontinence common in the elderly. Saw palmetto has shown its able to strengthen urinary organs and prevent incontinence, and maximizing kidney health at the same time.

Prostate Cancer: In America prostrate cancer is a leading cause of death for men, like breast cancer for women. Prostate enlargement happens naturally as men age. Saw palmetto extract is able to reduce this prostate enlargement by dtopping dihydrotestosterone, which is what stimulates your cellular reproduction of the prostate. This lowers the chance of developing any prostate cancer, eliminating painful urination etc. and the discomfort that accompanies prostate issues.

Muscle Mass: Bodybuilders discovered that saw palleto will speed up recuperation and speed up muscle growth. The research is still on going, but it looks promising. The bottom line is that saw palmetto is able to affect your testosterone, but it needs to be taken in small doses.

Hair Growth: Again, we know that saw palmetto has a hormonal impact on our body, some men use saw palmetto for hair growth as they get older.

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