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Twin Labs Supplements Review

Twin Labs Supplements

Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere for the last 10 years, you would've heard or seen the increase in the use of taking supplements at gyms. This has resulted in many "fly-by-night" supplement companies starting up trying to compete in this highly competitive market.

But a company like Twin Labs that has been going strong for well over 40 years has established itself as a market leader. TwinLab have been consistently developing high quality products for its customers since it was founded in 1968 by David Blechman who started the company working out of his garage.

The current director of marketing at Twinlab is Marc Stover, he explains that the reason this multi-national company that sells products in well over 60 countries across the world is called Twinlab. He explains that it's called Twin Labs because when David and his wife first started this company working out of his garage in the 60's, they had two sets of twins to take care of as well.

The company grew fast, but it grew fast not only because of the slow and progressive increase in demand for high quality supplements, but also because they never took any shortcuts on quality. Their business continued to grow as they developed more and more products that includes not just high quality protein powders but herbs, vitamins, minerals, and teas as well.

Marc explains that his own father used to work for Twinlab in the 70's when they were the first supplement company to start making protein bars and food bars. Marc explains that they tasted terrible back then, but it was the start of a trend that has now built itself into a $5 billion company that continues to innovate new products every few months.

Marc explains how he started working for Twinlab in a newly created division that only concentrated on new product development by constantly scanning the market looking for any new and innovative ingredients, new delivery systems or any fresh ideas and how to incorporate them into any new product ideas.

Twinlab started with marketing their new innovative protein powders that were not only less expensive but more importantly they were of a high quality. It is this constant search for improving the quality of their products that they offer which have been acknowledged by the fast growing supplement industry and they have been given countless awards over the years for doing this.

Marc explains that Twinlabs are extremely proud of the research and development that went into developing a new and innovative product which they just launched called Power Fuel Pre-workout, which they created with the football legend called Ray Lewis.

The feedback from customers after the first month has been astounding. Marc explains that working closely with Ray Lewis they developed a formula that they believe is able to capture that feeling, that little something extra that is able to you get you prepared mentally as well nutritionally prepared so you can absolutely crush your workouts.

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