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What You Eat Really Matters

what to eat for bodybuilding

If you do not consider what you eat really matters, then you need to see that popular movie called Super Size Me. It showed how Morgan Spurlock committed himself to eat 3 times a day at McDonald's for one month. Morgan made the movie specifically to challenge the accepted idea that somehow seems to tell us fast food won't affect our health.

The movie has become a shocking testament to all the serious health side effects from eating fat-laden, calorie-dense, highly processed foods. In just 30 days Morgan developed serious high blood pressure, a highly elevated cholesterol-count and a fat-filled liver that was bordering on cirrhosis. He also gained 25lbs, became moody and depressed, lethargic and recorded that he had completely lost his normally high sex drive.

If you think what you eat doesn't really matter, then the serious health effects listed above could make you consider the difference it makes eating a burger and fries or a turkey sandwich made with whole grain bread. Or drinking a soda instead of water. The answer is yes, it will make a difference, a big difference.

Before making any drastic changes, you should first identify the problem by keeping a food log which will help you to analyze what and when you're eating. You need to ask yourself a few important questions like, does your diet have too many empty calories? Are you drinking enough water? Do you get sugar cravings? How much of the food you eat is fresh?

Most junk food will be packed with salt, preservatives, trans and saturated fats. Any salt taken in will promote water retention, resulting in a puffy face and gaining a few pounds the morning after you eat Chinese take-out or similar. Trans-fats, like hydrogenated oils, do not have any nutritional value but have also shown that over a long-term basis ingestion will cause some chronic health complications.

Good nutrition does not need to be complicated, if you stay away from junk food and minimize any salt used then you should use the basic daily menu listed below to fill all your energy requirements. Just use the selections below to create something that will work for you.

Scrambled egg with whole grain bread
Oatmeal with berries plus plain yogurt
Low-sugar cereal and skim milk

Lunch and Dinner:
Salad with turkey, chicken or tuna with teaspoon Italian dressing and veggies
Grilled or Steamed Turkey/Chicken/Fish with brown rice, sweet potatoes and veggies
Turkey/Chicken/Tuna sandwich with whole grain bread, plus lettuce and tomato

Handful unsalted nuts
2 X cheese sticks with one apple
Plain yogurt plus one-piece fruit
2 Tsp. Peanut butter

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