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Zinc Bodybuilding Benefits

Zinc Supplement

Bodybuilders seem to always be watching the constantly changing supplements that are available, most bodybuilders do this because they are waiting for the next creatine type breakthrough ingredients, or a nitric oxide stimulator or some new designer hormone pushing less glamorous ingredients aside, till they disappear and become irrelevant.

Zinc, is one of those important supplements, ingredients that are often out of mind and out of sight, but it's important. Anyone who forgets about the importance of zinc, if their objective is building muscle will be losing out on the possible benefits that zinc supplementation has to offer.

Zinc fuels testosterone production, if you keep your daily T count high together with some hard training you WILL build muscle. Hard training is going to stress your immune system, that's why you sweat. Your sweat contains zinc and you can become depleted in zinc through your perspiration.

Your immune system is constantly at work using zinc to make over 300 different enzymes and amines which spark millions of different chemical reactions in our bodies so we can survive, including muscle growth. A hard workout stimulates your oxidant production which can actually damage your DNA, your muscles and your organs.

Zinc is the ultimate powerhouse antioxidant that is able to scavenge your body for any harmful oxidants, protecting organs and muscles from farther damage, ensuring a strong immune system. But zinc will speed up that mind-muscle connection as well, so important for any competitive sport.

Building muscle is more than just breaking the muscle fibers and repairing them, it's got to do with the health of our brain and those important mind-muscle connections when we pumping iron. Your brain sits in zinc juice, which is why it's so important in the generating and transmitting brain signals to get optimal muscle contraction.

That important mind/muscle connection requires one more brain chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is able to get you more focused, more energized and improves your mind/muscle connection when you're lifting. Zinc helps to keep your dopamine measures high when you're stressed, like training, increasing your ability to build all the quality muscle you can.

For all males prostate health is critically important, no matter what your age is, your fitness or your previous health history. The fact is, a healthy prostate is required to pump out rep after rep with high intensity training.

Your prostate will have the highest zinc-concentration of all your body tissues. Zinc is critical in keeping your prostrate healthy, same way it keeps the immune system healthy, by scavenging for and protecting you from any harmful oxidants which can damage tissues and your DNA structure, causing prostate cancer. Internationally 35% of all men get prostrate problems after 50.

So, how much zinc we should take depends on what type of activity you do, but men generally require 15 milligrams and 9 milligrams for women, every day. But bodybuilders are going to need more, sometimes a lot more, depending on their intensity and the frequency of their training.

Note: Zinc is just one of the ingredients in our Andro Shock Testosterone Booster.

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